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The ACSFP-Association of Chartered Senior Financial Planners, Inc. was originally founded in 2003 to assist Life and Health Insurance Agents with Advanced Pre and Post Retirement Planning and Asset Protection strategies. However, because of the number of Security Representatives (Reps) that also held Life and Health Insurance Licenses, we extended our enrollment to also include Security Reps. Since 2003, and thousands of candidates have successfully studied our manual, completed our 3-day review course, and completed our exam. Our members include Insurance Agents and Advisors, Security Reps, Attorneys, CPA’s, Bankers, Broker Dealers, CFP Members, Investment Advisors, Estate Planners, and Home Office Employees. We suggest you go to our “Testimonials” to see what they thought of our 3-day review course.

Our primary focus is to ensure that ethics, tolerance for risk, and proper strategies are used in Advanced Pre and Post Retirement Planning, and to assist in developing Asset Protection strategies for our member’s clients. Our Advisory Board Associates include Investment Advisors, Insurance Agents and Advisors, Estate Planners, Lawyers, Bankers, and CPA's who are constantly researching and developing the latest strategies in these areas. All ACSFP Members are held to the highest of ethical standards.

All candidates must answer and comply with our strict screening questions, agree to our contractual terms (including our strict code of ethics), pre-study our 330+ page ACSFP Manual (which usually takes approximately 125-130 hours), attend our 3-day extensive review course (which runs from 8:30am–5:30pm all three days), and complete our supervised closed book exam.

You do not need your broker dealer or insurance company’s approval to state you are an ACSFP Member: After you complete our 3-day review course and complete our final exam we will provide you with an ACSFP Membership Certificate that you may display in your office; stating that you are an ACSFP Member. The Membership Certificate states you are in Good Standing with the ACSFP and includes the dates you attended our 3-day review course, the course number(s) that were pre-approved by your home state department of insurance, including the number of “CE” hours. Many insurance companies and/or broker dealers allow our members to also use our CSFP-Chartered Senior Financial Planner Designation; including the CFP Board (proper acronym agreement must be signed). If your broker dealer or insurance company will not allow you to use our designation, we highly suggest you merely state you’re an ACSFP Member, which does not need approval by any broker dealer and/or insurance company. This topic is addressed under FAQ’s and is also addressed in our Letter of Opinion from David Burnell Smith, Attorney at Law. You should also review, under FAQ’s the Brochure: Why I Became an ACSFP Member.

The use of the word "Senior" in ACSFP Association of Chartered Senior Financial Planners does not imply, nor should it imply, that our members only work with or target senior citizens. Rather, as our brochures, code of ethics, and contractual agreement states, it implies that our members have been trained in more Advanced Pre and Post Retirement Planning and Asset Protection strategies. Thus the word "Senior" refers to a level of experience, not the age of a target client base. All ACSFP Members have the training to assist people of all ages with their Pre and Post Advanced Retirement Planning and Asset Protection strategies.

Insurance and CFP ”CE” – Continuing Educational Credits 2013:

If You Hold CFP Designation: Our 3-Day Review Course is approved for 21 Hours of CFP “CE” Credits (ACSFP CFP Sponsor ID No. 3728, Course Name: Chartered Senior Financial Planner 3 Day Course Program ID: CSFP3Day).

If You Hold a Life Insurance License: Our 3-day review courses are pre-submitted to each State Department of Insurance the classes are held, for “CE” Credits, which will include ethics. Note: The number of hours of approved “CE” Credits may vary in each State.

For Answers To Any Other Questions: Please Visit Our Section Entitled “Frequently Asked Questions” on this Website. Please also review our “Testimonials” section. Thank you for visiting the ACSFP-Association of Chartered Senior Financial Planners Website.